The Great Newfoundland Giveaway

The Great Newfoundland Giveaway

Scratch’n Win

Every Card a Winner

Enter your winning code online to
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Plus everyone gets entered
to win

10,000 L

of Furnace Oil!

From now until

11:59 PM Jan 15, 2020!

Draw will take place

Jan 31, 2020

The contest has now ended.
Stay tuned for our Grand prize draw of 10,000L of free furnace oil.

*To be drawn on Jan 31, 2020

Terms and Conditions

  • Entries have no cash value.
  • Entries are non-transferable.
  • Customers must be on automatic delivery and receive statements and invoices electronically. If the customer cancels their account within one year of the entry’s (s) redemption the original face value of the credit will be charged back to the account. Some circumstances for account cancellation cannot be anticipated; for example, an accident that forces an occupant to leave the home, fire, death etc. Western Petroleum will take extenuating circumstances under consideration before a charge back is administered.
  • One delivery address (residence) can redeem 2 prizes.
  • Customers must have an account in good standing with Western Petroleum to redeem an entry. If an entry is being redeemed by a non-customer, that person may open an account by visiting www.westernpetroleum.ca or by calling 877.639.9393.
  • Entries can be redeemed on-line or by calling the entry 877.639.9393.
  • Deliveries will only be made to tanks that comply with the most recent edition of the CSA B-139 Oil Burner Installation Code. Western Petroleum reserves the right to refuse to deliver to a tank that they deem as an unsafe fill. All tank inspections will be preformed at no charge for the customer.
  • No coupon can be redeemed after 11:59 PM January 15th, 2020.
  • Businesses (Incorporations, LLP’s, partnerships, sole proprietorships etc.) are excluded from participating in the contest.
  • Customer must maintain their account in good standing: Amounts owing to Western Petroleum are payable in accordance with the customer’s payment terms with Western Petroleum as set out in the application form and/or pre-authorization form completed and signed by the customer and submitted to Western Petroleum.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any current offers or future promotions and offers.
  • Employees and their immediate families living in their households are not eligible.
  • A limited quantity of cards will be available at the office for customers.
  • Some geographical restrictions will apply. Western Petroleum will be the sole determiner in where the deliveries can and can not take place.
  • Western Petroleum reserves the right to ask for the entry that is being redeemed.
Prize listQuantityValueOdds
$25 Free Furnace Oil52,500$1,312,5001 in 2
$50 Free Furnace Oil26,250$1,312,5001 in 4
$100 Free Furnace Oil15,750$1,575,0001 in 6
$250 Free Furnace Oil10,500$2,625,0001 in 10
  • Contestants winning the grand prize of 10,000L Free Furnace Oil will be asked to sign a release form in order for Western Petroleum to use his/her name and images in any promotions arising from the contest. The draw for this prize will take place January 31, 2020.