Payment Methods

Budget Payment Plans

Western Petroleum offers an interest free payment plan which allows you to avoid large bills in the winter months. This payment plan spreads your annual oil cost equally over 10 or 12 months, based upon last year’s oil consumption or an estimated annual cost. It’s interest free and if your costs are different then estimated or rise from a previous years consumption then at the end of the heating season, we’ll give you the surplus or you pay us any amount owing. Telephone / Internet Payments Customer can pay their Western Petroleum oil bill at most financial institutions and automatic tellers (ATMs). Make sure you use your Western account number when setting up through the banks and any payments made will be received and posted to your account.

Preauthorized Payment Plan

Preauthorized payment is another great option. We will arrange to have your oil bill payment made from your bank account each month automatically.

ATM / Internet / Telephone

Customers can pay their Western Petroleum oil bill at most financial institutions, automatic tellers (ATM’s), via the internet and through telephone banking, debit, credit cards, cash and cheques.