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The dealers in our network have mainly come from the major oil companies operating within the province of Newfoundland, while the rest were new independent small business people that were aided in the process by Western to become a dealer in their town.

We at Western Petroleum work hard to nurture a good working relationship with all of our dealers and we are fully committed to their success. We invite you to drop by any of our dealers and discuss our working relationship. We are proud of our informal and casual working arrangements with our dealers and we realize that our future as a company is directly related to the strength of our network of associates.

All of our dealers can depend on us in providing fair pricing, a stable supply of quality petroleum and lubricant products, and an honest and hard working relationship. We strive to meet the needs of each and every dealer by providing financing, customer loyalty programs, and professional marketing promotions.

We are very proud of the selection of dealers that have signed on with Western Petroleum. Whether you are presently with a major oil company or even a private brand, be sure to talk to Western Petroleum before you sign a new supply contract. If nothing else, at least you will be well aware of what Western has to offer and keep yourself open to all alternatives. We look forward to talking to you in the future.

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