Commercial Fuels

Furnace Oil / Stove Oil

Western Petroleum supplies competitively priced furnace oil to residential homes and businesses throughout Newfoundland as well as Stove oil where available.

Bulk Gasoline

Western Petroleum offers bulk gasoline deliveries in some areas to accounts that have on-site fuel storage facilities.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)

Diesel fuel is available through truck delivery. We consider ourselves delivery specialists in the supply of diesel to construction vehicles, fishing vessels and road transport vehicles.

Western Petroleum is COR certified.

Dyed Diesel

Western Petroleum also offers dyed diesel for clients who do not use their vehicles on the highways. Mining, agriculture, construction and fishing industries can sometimes reduce their costs by using dyed diesel fuel.

Western Petroleum is COR certified.

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Marine Gas Oil is available for delivery to fishing and supply vessels along with our Lubricants.

Jet / Aviation Fuel

Western Petroleum offers deliveries of Bulk Jet and Aviation Fuel. We have a truck dedicated to these specialty products and would be glad to look after your requirements. We also stock Jet and Aviation fuel in drums.


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